When you want to sell your home as fast as possible; it’s essential that you make some preparations before your estate agent takes photographs or you have potential buyers view the property. So, if you’re ready to put your house on the market, take a moment to read through some of the tips on this page to set your plan of action.

Tidy that mess!

Buyers will struggle to imagine their family living in your home if you don’t keep as many personal possessions out of the way as possible. In addition, the less clutter and mess, the bigger your home appears! With that in mind, do yourself a favour and spend at least a couple of hours tidying your house. Run the hoover around, polish those units, and ensure you stash all the children’s toys in their bedroom cupboards.

Find a babysitter or have your agent do your viewings!

Children and pets can often get in the way when people come to view your house. You should think about letting your agent conduct your viewing for you or arrange a babysitter for an hour or so. That just removes the chances of the little ones or animals causing problems or distractions while the potential buyers take a look around.

Think about temperature!

You’ve probably noticed that you feel a gust of warm air when you walk into supermarkets. That is a psychological technique that companies use to encourage you to feel happy and content, and spend as much money as possible. Use that same strategy when you arrange viewings for the best results. Make sure the house is at a suitable temperature before the potential buyers arrive.

Complete any repair work!

Nothing will put buyers off more than seeing unfinished repair work in your home. For the people viewing the property, that means they’ll have to work harder than they otherwise would have done, and so it could discourage them from making an offer. Even if you have to employ the services of tradespeople ahead of time – it’s well worth the expense to get those odd jobs finished!

Make the best first impression!

As the old saying goes, first impressions count. Experts suggest that most human beings form their initial opinion on something within only a few seconds. Considering that, you need to ensure the exterior of your house looks immaculate for the best outcomes. If your front door needs a lick of paint, some buyers might display mixed emotions before they step foot inside. That is never going to work in your favour.

Other quick tips:

● Close all the cupboard doors
● Remove any family photographs
● Empty the bin, so it doesn’t smell
● Open the curtains
● Leave the toilet seat down

Now you know how to prepare your home for selling there’s no reason to delay! Contact Thomas H Wood estate agents to help you sell your property quickly! Our friendly and local agents know the area and will work hard to help you sell your house quickly, at a price you are happy with!

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