Here is a guide to some of the most interesting focus points of Radyr, and reasons why you should take the time to experience the area first-hand. 

Radyr is an outer suburb of Cardiff about 4 miles northwest of Cardiff city centre. It is part of Radyr and Morganstown Community andis a beautiful part of Cardiff to live and visit.  It is an area full of amazing character and vibrancy. Here is a guide to some of the most interesting focus points of Radyr, and reasons why you should take the time to experience the area first-hand.  


1.    Transport

Radyr railway station has over 200 trains calling each weekday and more than 400,000 passenger journeys per year. Radyr is the northern terminus of the Cardiff City Line, so it is extremely convenient to travel elsewhere via rail. There is also an extremely reliable bus service that connects Radar and Morganstown to Cardiff City Bus Station, so public transport is easily available to take you all over the city. Another amazing aspect of Radar is it proximity to the M4 without actually having direct access to or from it. The motorway passes east–west between Radyr and Morganstown, and the B4262 runs through the centre of Radyr and Morganstown, Therefore, it is still easy to get to necessary routes via car, without having an extreme load of traffic running through the area itself.


2.    Education

Statistically, Radyr has a lower level of residents with limited qualifications, and a higher level of residents with top education qualifications than the national average. This is a reflection of the great schooling that the area offers. Radyr Comprehensive School has more than 1,400 pupils from across west Cardiff. It also has a large Sixth Form college with about 300 students, and an active adult education centre.

For younger pupils and infants, Radyr Primary School in Park Road currently has 11 classes and over 300 pupils, and two nursery schools. Mother and toddler groups are also ongoing in the community which can prove to be excellent facilities to help children learn communication, introduce music, and many other social skills. 


3.    Amenities


Whether your interest is outdoors activities or indoor relaxing, Radyr holds numerous events and has a vast amount of facilities perfect for leisure in every lifestyle. Outdoors; Radyr is home to many parks and forested areas such as Danybryn Woods, Windsor Gardens, and Radyr Woods. These areas are great places to spend the day walking, having picnics in the sun, or running, for the more athletic. Actual athletic clubs are also available, such as football, tennis, yoga, or horse riding, and are available for all ages. The annual two-week Radyr Festival also takes place outdoors, holding a fete and live concerts. Indoors; for the more creative, arts societies are huge in Radyr. Ballroom dancing, drama, photography, and music groups are just some of the brilliant ways you can join a community of people within a specific interest. They are also great ways to learn new skills and they accommodate beginners through to high level participants. The Radyr library is also a great place to relax and read about anything and everything, through the large extent and variation in books that it offers.


4.    Job market

Radyr has 20% more higher and intermediate managerial, administrative or professional households than the national average.Similarly, the rate of claiming benefits is more than 10% lower in Radyr than the national average, suggesting higher salaries and a thriving job market. With the vast number of businesses located in and around Cardiff, Radyr is perfect place to commute to and from work. As well as this, the vast number of smaller scale businesses located in the area such as schools and coffee shops provide additional job opportunities, so you have great access to a whole range of work.


Radyr is an incredible place to live, for these reasons and many more! If you want to find out more about the area and what it has to offer, especially in terms of property, visit or pop in to see us, our staff are extremely knowledgeable about the local area and will be more than happy to have a chat.

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