Whilst we have entered a digital era, this does not mean that all aspects of our lives should follow suit. The traditional, high-quality services that specific markets offer can be much better for customers when done so in person, face to face. Estate Agency is an example of this, and it is troubling to see a growth in online agencies. Here is a comparison of high street estate agencies and online agencies.

  1. Fees

Online agent fees are generally fixed prices, which you pay for as soon as you sign up to the service and these fees are often non-refundable. With a High Street Estate Agent, they generally run on a no-sale-no-fee basis. Therefore, if they did not perform to promised standard or your house went unsold, you would not have to pay the agent. 

  1. Customer Service

High Street Estate Agencies run on a much smaller scale than large online companies. A smaller business will provide you with better service because they can put more time and effort into selling your home or helping you to find the perfect place to purchase. They have higher consistency and accountability than online agencies and are much more emotionally invested in each of their customers. Meeting with an agent face to face allows them to gain a better understanding of you and your needs, which a computer screen cannot achieve.

  1. Clearer communication

Trying to explain your needs and wants through an online agency is difficult. With a High Street Estate Agent, you build a relationship with the both the office and individual agent that is working on your purchase or sale, so it is easier to express yourself and communicate. If you have concerns, then you know exactly who to go to.

  1. Local insight

High Street Estate Agents have insider knowledge about the local neighbourhoods which they share with potential buyers. Buyers can utilise this specialist knowledge to ensure the house they buy meets their requirements. High Street Agents help ensure that buyers visit every house that meets their needs, whilst online agents just have general tick boxes which can easily leave the perfect house out of the itinerary.

For an experienced, reliable and trusted High Street Estate Agency in Cardiff, Whitchurch and Radyr you can’t beat Thomas H Wood Estate Agents. We will provide you with the personal touch when buying or selling your home! Pop into our Whitchurch or Radyr locations and meet us face to face! We look forward to working with you! 

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